Art&Code is a freelance design and development studio, specializing in the conception design and production of both on and offline solutions. We offer consulting, art direction, brand and logo development, UX / UI design, web and mobile design & development, e-commerce solutions, Content Management System (WordPress & Concrete 5) driven sites, product design and apparel design.

We take an interdisciplinary approach to projects blending the practices of design, technology and branding — to create modern interactive systems.

We care about the web and its future. It has become a large part of our lives – entering our offices, living rooms and even our pockets. It is changing the way our world operates.

We believe the web should be an extension of our daily lives, not a distraction from it.

With this approach in mind, our mission is to make the web a better place — for work and for life — by delivering solutions that are equally valuable, sustainable and enriching.

Art&Code is located in the Pacific Northwest, near the cities of Coeur d’Alene Idaho and Spokane Washington; but works globally with clients, brands and creative agencies. We are small, independently owned and creatively motivated.





Miller Brewing Company


Merck Pharmaceuticals

Montana Tourism




Background & Experience

Shawn Bendinelli is a Pacific Northwest-based freelance art director / designer, entrepreneur and modern homesteader.

His previous experience includes twenty plus years in design and technology industries working across international projects including brand creation, photo shoots, advertising campaigns, web development, ecommerce development and application design and development.

Shawn now runs his own studio out of North Idaho working with a variety of brands both big and small including Microsoft, NetFlix, AT&T, Motorola, Merck and Miller Brewing to name a few. He has also works with a number of agencies as a creative gun for hire. Shawn is also the creative director behind the brands, Evoke Apparel, Found Tee Co., Inpartio and TechieTAT.

“The approach to my work is simple. It’s about the power of a good idea and the ways you can drive creative execution to make it flourish. Concept is always king, and style is never far behind. I collaborate with a creative network of talent to help bring innovative brands and ideas to life.”

Time for a Change

In 2013 Shawn, his wife and daughter decided to make a life change by leaving a comfortable urban life and become modern day homesteaders. Their adventure happens on a beautiful 20 acre homestead located in the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest. This new lifestyle has provided a slower, more peaceful place to conquer new challenges and learn new skills and passions.

While he lives a more rural lifestyle then most of his colleagues and clients, he is still very much connected to his technical roots via the power of the internet.

“This is truly an amazing time to live; to be able to have a meeting with a Fortune 500 client while looking out the window on my own private forest (and sometimes in my PJs) is pretty sweet!”